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Floor Plans

South Elevation was founded in 2018 with the goal to provide unique floor plan designs for home owners. Since then SE has worked on everything from small renovations to large multi-family developments. In 2019 alone, nearly 500,000 sqft of floor plans were produced in the Nashville-Middle Tennessee Area.

If you're a home owner looking to design your dream home, SE has the tools and experience to turn your vision into a reality.

For remodeling or creating additions to your current home, SE can field measure and draw your existing house while providing direction for any size renovation.

For developers, SE can provide unique home designs to stand out in today's market. Experienced with Metro-Nashville zoning, SE can maximize your single family or HPR build. For larger multi-family developments, SE can work in conjunction with civil engineers to create attached or detached buildings that align with the site plan parameters.

South Elevation creates memorable and practical design no matter the project.


South Elevation can provide realistic rendered images of interior or exterior design concepts. Whether it's a real estate agent or developer wanting images of finished concepts for new construction listings, or a designer wanting to convey ideas to a client, SE has the tools to make your selection sheets come to life.

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Aerial Photography

FAA certified, South Elevation has the tools to capture 4k video and 48 megapixel aerial images safely from a drone. Whether you're a real estate agent needing images of large properties, a developer wanting high quality videos for marketing new construction, or just in need of aerial images for any event or project, SE has got you covered.