June 12, 2013

June 12: MKO Waiting for Wikileaks

The biggest surprise of the Wikileaks era, at least for most Nigerians, is the absence of any mention of MKO Abiola and the circumstances of his death following the June 12, 1993 elections problems. When WikiLeaks began releasing classified information on world governments in 2006 my anticipation was that sooner rather than later information about the conspirators and the conspiracies surrounding the June 12, 1993 elections would become public. Especially as prominent representatives of the US government were apparently present when MKO breathed his last.

However to my surprise no information has yet to be released by WikiLeaks about the involvement of Susan Rice, Thomas Pickering and various other US negotiators involved with the June 12 election issues. Perhaps the Americans were never really involved. Their presence could have been a clever decoy by some elements within the country to execute their plans. If the killing of Gen. Sani Abacha and later MKO Abiola were purely an internal Nigerian military secrete mission then the question begs: who are the conspirators and the executors (or operatives)? In my mind, top on the list of possible conspirators will be Gen. Ibrahim Babangida. But he could not have acted alone. The then head of state Gen. Abubakar cannot deny knowledge of what happened in this case.

wikiNigeriaNigeria is a very curious case. Either there are no records or the records are quickly destroyed after the event (we hear speculations every day about how officials burn down whole government buildings in a bid to cover some case they have to answer. The NET Building, the then tallest building in Nigeria belonging to Nigerian Telecommunications which was burnt by unknown arsonists in 1983, comes to mind quickly). Perhaps the conspirators are so hardened and 100% involved that they will never consider spilling the beans. This is, to say, the least very alarming. It brings to question the sincerity of our leaders and the capacity of those who rule this country. Is President Jonathan really in charge? Do we have some individuals pulling the strings from behind the scenes? Even though we have a democracy, loosely so called, why is it that the country is gravitating towards unelected powerful groups or groups “chosen” by a few individuals. Take for instance the controversy surrounding the position of chairman of the Governors Forum. What real constitutional powers is vested in this forum - a group whose leadership is simply fixed by a few individuals.

I eagerly await the day when, for once in its existence as a nation, the Nigerian government will declassify some documents and make them available for public scrutiny. There is a learning experience available to the nation when the citizens become aware of the real motives, aspirations, and sequence of events leading up to occurrences that have helped shape our nation. Take for example the Nigeria civil war. The documents are still not available. All we have is eyewitness accounts often veiled in poetry and from several conflicting sources that you could start another war merely by trying to reconcile these sources. WikiLeaks; an an international, online, non-profit organisation which publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources worldwide and founded by Julian Asange in 2006; is a sort of beacon of hope that some day countries like Nigeria could never continue to hid classified information. The problem with Nigeria is records are never really appropriately kept, leaving whistle-blowers with little to reveal and easy to discredit.

Today as MKO Abiola turns in his grave he will be hoping that someone in the know has saved some credible documents, emails, letters or any other records of the events surrounding his killing so Nigerians could learn about what he stood for and who are the real killers; whether it was the Americans (lead by Susan Rice, who is soon to become the US National Security Adviser, or IBB & co). I am looking at respected Gen. Abubakar Abdusalami, perpetual presidential aspirant Mohammadu Buhari and ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo as people who must have valuable information to share for the sake of complete closure for Mr. Moshood Abiola and the rest of us bloody civilians. I am not looking for stories, cock and bull stories like the ones Mustapha is spilling. We need prove documentations and dispassionate evidence.

If you were involved and has any useful information you are welcome to spill it here at WIKILEAKS’ SECURE ONLINE SUBMISSION PORTAL. Or alternatively you may use the secure Onions Tor network to spill the documents CLICK HERE. These sources have the best encryption to guarantee your anonymity. Use with your discretion and care.


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