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December 3, 2012

The Constitution is Supreme

The continued call by some talking heads, including Professor Pat Utomi, for a constitutional conference is a piece of bull and I say that with all respect.

I believe in the constitution as it presently stands. At the root of the call for a 'sovereign' national conference is a fundamental disrespect for the work of others. Nigeria as a nation must grow up. These talking heads must assign honor were honor is due. I was not part of the body that drafted the current constitution but that does not mean that I must not recognize the progress it represents.

We have an elected National Assembly, if someone is not satisfied with parts of the constitution he must refer his position to the lawmakers. Or he must go back to his constituency and seek election into the National Assembly. There is something called constitutional amendment. We must respect the constitution and not continue to try to reinvent the wheel.

I will not support the wasting of billions of naira in another constitutional conference and in the duplication of the function of an institution already in existence. The constitution is supreme and must be the basis for all new legislative processes. Get that into your heads people.


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