December 30, 2012

Here Comes Boko Haram mercenaries From Chad

The Boko Haram problem is grossly underestimated. The northern region, particularly the north east of Nigeria fast becoming the next waziristan. The Federal government, President Jonathan, needs to declare war on terror and terrorist organisations now.

Guess what? al Qaeda Boko - Haram link is threatening the nation as a whole and we do not have a leader with the courage to deal with it. Probes, commissions, non-coordinated military task forces and other window dressing are not what we need now.

Mr President, we need leadership. The Nigeria people and the families of the victims need a comprehensive national strategy against these murderers. We need rapid response. We need a national hot line that actually works. We need to know who the enemy is. We need to know his target. We need to infiltrate their ranks. We need to know what they eat, were they come from, where they live and the public needs to know what to do especially in cases of emergency like this. The national counter terrorism strategy, at present, appears to be more interested in securing safety of foreign investors and foreign investments. Which is a total wrong approach. We must prize the lives of citizens of this country.

We need to arm select locals to defend themselves their families, which has not a bad idea at all. It is completely ridiculous that one or two militants could wipe out scores of people. I would personally support the idea that all responsible citizens should carry personal fire arms. May be we should start by arming ex-service men and national youth corps with no family or personal criminal record.

The Americans are Leaving Chad. So guess were those militants are headed after Chad falls? Borno state, Nigeria. READ ALL ABOUT
The Daily Beast: Obama Deploys Troops to Chad


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