November 16, 2012

Gov. Romney wins something at least

The greatest shock of this years US election at least for shellshocked Mitt is that he lost everything. Remember, everyone, the talking heads, all calling the election toss up. Even staunch pro-Obama analysts failed to stick out their necks and call the election for Obama. Remember Joe Klein saying anyone who calls the election for either candidate is blowing smoke. In fact there was so much talk about the closeness of the election that many people expected Mitt to, at least, win something. At least I expected Mitt to win the popular vote. Guess what? Mitt lost everything. He lost the electoral college and he lost the popular vote as well. And he lost by sufficient margins so much that Obama should have still won even if he lost Ohio and Florida. Two battle ground that got much of Mitts lavish campaign cash.

But in all this here is something that Mitt won on. Mitt dictated the pace, strategy and direction of the Obama campaign and of the whole 2012 campaign. That's right. This campaign was the most expensive in recent times. Thanks to Ro-money. This campaign was very ugly. Very very ugly and negative. Thanks to Romney. Remember when Speaker Newt wanted to run a positive campaign during the GOP primaries? Well thanks again to Mitt and the gang [the super PAC]. Mitt destroyed that concept, and Newt in the process, by Mitt's super PAC spending $4.4 million on highly negative ads before the Iowa caucuses. see the New York Times.. From then onward Newt was done. Mitt easily won the New Hampshire primary and eventually the nomination. The BO campaign was watching and learned a free lesson. One thing was clear. Mitt will do anything, just name it, even unscrupulous things to win. Do you still wonder why the Obama campaign started hitting Mitt with his past records? The Bane capital, the tax issues and the flipping and flopping Mitt ads started flying.

Remember the first presidential debate? It was called for Mitt simply because Obama choose to be a nice guy while Romney heckled him. Of course you know what happened in the next debate. Obama came breathing fire and with that beat Romney to his own game.

So here is what Gov. Mitt Romney can take away from this 2012 election, it was played by his rules and on his own turf. BO won by playing by Romney's rules and on Romney's turf better than Mitt himself. Mitt will be remembered for many new things in that he proved wrong in this election. A flip flopper can win a presidential election. Attack ads do work. Aggression during debates could actually knock the sucks off the opposition. It does not matter what you say, if you say it with enough conviction people will likely never remember (a pseudo-medical condition called romnasia) or hold you for what you said in the past. Selling voters the cure all remedies works just as well in politics as in business. A Mormon could win the presidency, it is no longer important to be an evangelical. Romney had further prepared ground for one of his sons to run. That is what Mitt Romney won on.


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