October 6, 2012

Which Romney do you trust-Seriously?

It is amazing that anyone still trusts Romney even with his debate performance were he made a complete u-turn or like he calls it 'etch a sketch' How can Americans trust someone who is not willing to make the tough choices but instead chooses to tell each audience what they only want to hear. To the Tea party he says 'I'll repeal Obamacare from day one'. To the rich and famous, the Donald Trump group, he tells then 47% of the country are moochers. Says Mitt 'I can never convince them to take care of their lives. My job is not to worry about them.' Then on public television he says he cares about all Americans. Yet the talking heads applaud him for a good debate. That is incredible just to think he said all these contradictory things in a matter of days apart. Which Romney do you trust? Read all about it. Which Mitt Romney Do You Trust Most?


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