October 31, 2012

Mitt's Real Economic Record

It is amazing how folks Defend Govenor Romney by saying he is a good man; trumpeting his record as governor, business man and as a caring person. He may be all that but certainly Mitt is running a campaign of simulations. He is trying very hard to sell a record that is not his. Take for instance his talk of Massachusetts economy during the debates. He conveniently referred to Massachusetts the way it was at least ten years before he took office in 2003. Good That Obama called him out on that. But what was Mitt's real record as governor? READ ABOUT IT IN THE LINK BELOW FROM THINKProgress. It is shocking that someone with such a woeful record, as a one term governor, is now running so close to becoming president against someone who has done such a good job as President Obama, in recovering the America from a depression and restoring a great deal of respect for abroad. Read more- What Massachusetts’ Slow Economic Growth Tells Us About Mitt Romney’s Economic Plan


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