October 4, 2012

2012 First Presidential Debate

It seems Republicans are so good at aggressive debating. Just before Romney debated with Obama I watched a clip of Bush vs Gore debate. It was just like watching Obama and Romney later. I could see Bush appearing very convincing. I could see Bush repeatedly jumping in to emphatically make a point without permission from Jim even as Gore was still busy asking Jim for permission to state a fact. I could see Bush appearing calm and eager to engage whereas Gore was busy filling out a data sheet of policy propositions about how to keep the surplus and help the middle class. But what was the result? Bush won the debate and the election and swiftly went on to wipe out the surplus and created a deficit that Obama and Americans are still battling with. If the same happens again between Romney and Obama I could see America going further down.Romney Shines In Denver, Obama Camp Says So What


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