September 11, 2012

two things i learned from the RNC & DNC conventions

One. The GOP is void of sustainable vision. Asked what is it that the GOP can do for the country?, it will be hard to figure that out. on all major issues of the day the GOP more often has an inferior plan, if any, than the DNC. And Romney is actually the worst articulator of any plan. His leadership style?: "the polls will tell me what to do or worst still my advisers will tell me what to do? Two. The GOP can't even put together a credible convention. i remember McCain playing a song at a campaign event only to be shut down by the copyright owner. Fact checkers have discredited many of the assertions of the Gop convention speakers. This my friend is the smoking gun. Now Romney is bashing the statements made by his vice at the convention already and shifting his views on Obama care. Read more here Nine things we learned from CNN's latest poll


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