September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney and the moochers

This so unlike a Mormon Bishop and goes to show that Romney is running against all that he believes just to be elected. It's like asking Romney, Bishop, 47% of your members depends on welfare what will be your plans for them?

Romney: I will not bother about them. I can never convince them to take charge of their lives. I will make them pay more taxes. They are lazy moochers who think they are entitled to government medicare, voucher etc.

SE: tax is not a tithe. If you earn no income you should not pay income tax. The problem should be people who do not want to work and people who stash these cash in overseas tax havens so they pay little or no tax what are you going to do about that?

Romney: The millionaires, like me, have worked hard for their money and are welcome to find ways to pay less tax. "Businesses are doing well because of them." I'll make it easy for them to keep their money and I'll give them more tax cuts.

update: Mormons are one of the only religions in America who have a specific program to take care of the needy and the poor including helping them find work or choose a vocational job and even pays for tuition for indigent members. Romney is out of touch not only with the middle class but also with the principles he espoused as a Mormon bishop. Well Mormon bishops are not saints. Their could be ones just like Mitt.

Read about Romney's foot in mouth moment hereRomney Tells Wealthy Donors That 47% Of Americans Are Lazy Moochers


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