April 6, 2012

Republican Activism: Why Romney is bad news?

Mitt Romney (Photo credit:

Republicans still have no idea what is happening. Right from the days of John McCain it appears the Republican base has been overtaken by a bunch of listless, mindless bigots bent on distorting the truths and defying common sense. Most of the current Presidential candidates with exception of Santorum have ran on very simplistic if not stupid ideas. Think of Donald Trump with the Obama citizenship issue. How on earth did he think he was going to survive by peddling falsehood and speculation on a national scale. Think of Michael Cain and his �9-9-9 tax plan�. How about Romney and his big government arguments. The private sector has just about ruined the economy with outlandish speculations that landed Americans into the worse depression since 1930s. Corporate executives continue to take home fat pay cheques while the middle class is reeling in foreclosures. Obama has just about saved the country by bailing out the economy in many sectors including the auto sectors. Now what ideas does Romney come up with to sustain the recovery? Guess what. Romney wants to reduce government. That is a code for writing off the bail out billions and giving the rich corporations that nearly ruined American lives more �hand-out� instead of a bailout. Gov. Mitt Romney�s tax plan will raise taxes on the middle class (made up of individuals he would be happy to fire from their jobs to create money revenue for the super rich executives like himself) while lowering taxes for the affluent. More taxes on middle class Americans will mean less money for Nigerian Americans to remit home to support their families.

In an information age it is amazing how Republicans who are plane and simply pandering to public opinion polls and pulling one publicity stunt after another are still winning elections. That makes America both the world�s super-information highway as well as nation of deliberate information distortionists and delirious ignorant people. Obama has not got competition for this 2012 elections as far as ideas are concerned. That does not mean that Romney cannot win. But it will be serious bad news for America if he does. The Republicans are rapidly turning the GOP into a party of activists. No realistic ideas and no broad based leader with some common sense is on the cards for 2012. There is a real danger that Republicans are an endangered specie and more so if Obama thumps Romney in 2012 and the economy picks momentum. That will be bye bye to Republicans.

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Anonymous said...

with the rising profile of Hillary Clinton for 2016 it is rapidly becoming a mouthwatering ticket to see a Biden-Clinton in 2016. That will knock the socks off Republicans for another 8years. If Obama wins reelection and does well in the next fours years it will be really bye bye to Republican warmongers for a long time.@southelevation

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