August 30, 2010

MKO: Is June 12 also Dead?

"Because of this man, there is both cause for hope and certainty that the agony and protests of those who suffer injustice shall give way to peace and human dignity.” –US Congressional Black Caucus

The country must remember June 12 as we get nearer to election time once more. The spirit it epitomizes is what we need to remember once more as we choose another leader at this time. Every leader has got his own faults none of us is perfect; we are mortals with big dreams. As we head to the next crucial election in Nigeria’s history let us remember MKO Abiola, his wife Kudirat and the sacrifice which they paid to give us this democracy. Their death mkoshould not be in vain. MKO was a true Nationalist, a Pan-Africanist. His credential in this regard was further illustrated when he joined the NCNC instead of the more regionally heeled AG. He was a torn on the side of the Western World as well as a formidable proponent of reparation. It can be argued that one of the ideas for which he was killed can also be linked to his vision of reparation for all the plunder and resource “rape” carried out by the West against Africa and Africans. The West did not want him as leader of the most powerful African country potentially while preaching reparation.
Since the death of MKO no one else has risen up to speak out for reparation. What we have is NEPAD, Peer Review, AU etc. Is Reparation dead? Does Africa deserve it? Even Libya has won some back from Italy and Gaddafi recently made a triumphal entry into Italy on a Berber horse. Africa have long been a major exporter of human capital and Nigeria is leading.
MKO was one of the most influential leaders yet to rise out of Africa in recent years. Anyone who ever met him and got graciously wrapped around in his babariga will tell you so much. He was a leader that was connected in a special way with the people all across the country. He was one of them. He rose from very humble beginnings to become one of the wealthiest men of his generation. His love, hope and trust in the country and its liberation from poverty was unmistaken and unshaken. He invested in it. His companies gave hope and put food on the table for thousands of people. In the tradition of early nationalists like Azikiwe, Awolowo, Macaulay, Nkurumah etc he too worked for and later founded a media house – the Concord newspapers. Here was the first and yet the only man to win an election in Nigeria. He campaigned honestly, fought gallantly, won the hearts of all irrespective of background, ethnicity and origin. He had enough money to buy the presidency but he instead electrified the people with his vision and sold his dream of a poverty free and dignified citizenship for all Nigerians to the people.
We have not yet realised the full potential and have not built
well enough on the work and sacrifice of this great man. As we head into the next election let us remember MKO and go out in mass and cast our votes in remembrance of June 12 and the dream of a liberal progressive Nigeria. We owe that much to ourselves and to MKO. We must immortalize this man and the principle he has come to represent. We must build a statue of him right in front of Aso Rock so that our leaders may remember that the democracy we desire has been and can only be sustained by individual sacrifices. MKO is a hero.
M.K.O Abiola: The Authorized Biography Of Chief Moshood Kasimawo Olawale Abiola Winner Of June 12, 1993 Presidential Election In Nigeria

The life, speech & death of MKO: A manual that drums the basic lessons of leadership to Nigerians 


This is a Well written tribute to Chief MKO Abiola, and Alhaja Kudiratu Abiola.There is no day that I heard his name, that my mind, won't cut, he was a great man,who has it all on earth, had good life and he knows it.
Alas, the wicked cut his life short, turned Nigeria state into dissaray, turned him to a nobody, and yet, they still want to come back, and rule. That will never happen. Will get to that in another forum
It is not Abiola death that make my mind cut, but its the missed opportunity that we Nigerians missed and the turmoil we found ourselves since then.
For the records, I was one of the numerous people that wrote Abiola, to contest in that election, and I was one of those who was very disappointed at the turn of events.
To answer your question, June 12 will never die, in the nearest future, it will be the platform in which, would be politicians will invoke to get to office. June 12 to Nigerians is a symbol of democracy, it will have its rightful place when Nigerian found a true democracy.

Emeka K Duru said...

"And Joshua said unto the children of Israel,How long are ye slack to go to possess the land, which the Lord God of your fathers hath given you?..." And they cast lots.
The casting of lot was done after recanting a proper historical record and defining the boundaries of the tribes of Israel.
"Conscience is an open wound,that only the truth can heal"
Abiola had a vision maybe like Dr Martin Luther King Jr.That dream is still being realised as no one man could translate the dream as fully as the one who had it.
Let the remembrance of June 12 not colour our vision and impede our good judgement.Lets not go for the mediocre just to assuage our perceived hurt.Lets not stand before Pilate shouting "Crucify him! Crucify him!!... let the sin be upon our heads and that of our children...for this man calls himself the King Of the Jews".
For ones dear friends,let reason prevail."Vengeance is mine says the Lord..."

naijaG said...

Nigerians should remember MKO as a matyr for democracy who eventhough speculated to have dined with corrupt military leaders who eventually undermined him, gave his life for democracy. Our legacy to him is to practice politics that shuns ethnic or religious bias and even to give our life when the need arises. Let our politicians imbibe the attitude of giving up their appointments or positions when the need arises to make a statement or take a stance against a corrupt government.

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