August 7, 2010

Cyber Security

Recently the UAE lead a growing legion of Arab countries pushing for access to encrypted blackberry services or they ban those services in their countries for perceived security reasons. The blackberry device encrypts all communications passing through it by routing them through dedicated servers operated by RIM (Research in Motion makers of Blackberry and based in the US and Canada). The first impression many businesses got was that the UAE (Dubai) was on the way to restricting and damaging its reputation as a business haven. Then there was the concern that Research In Motion Limited allows preferential access to blackberry encryption to some western governments. Of course RIM has flat described this claim as unfounded and has declined to reveal codes needed by third parties or even governments to monitor messages from some users.

How does all these have to do with Nigeria? Cyber security is not existent in the country. It is amazing to me that most of the internet servers used by companies in Nigeria are based overseas. I have just done a sample of a few media and government servers through their IP addresses and find that only the Nigerian Stock Exchange has its servers in Nigeria (i.e. All the others have their servers outside the country.
server location
First Bank Britain
National Assembly US
Thisdayonline Germany
Guardian Britain
Arikair France
What is the significance of these? Do you ever imagine why the US and UK government know more about Nigerian Government than the Nigerian Government and officials know? Do you think the CIA, the MOSSAD, and SCOTLAND YARD has access to those servers? Your guess is as good as mine.
Did you visit the website of the Nigerian Defence Academy recently? In case you haven’t noticed the Nigerian Defence Academy website has been hacked into by a hacker who refers to himself as ‘c4uR from Indonesia’. Actually c4uR is a hacker operating from or through the servers of Islamic Centre of Emporia based in Kansas, USA. Up until now the Nigerian authorities have not noticed or have not been able to recover the website. Try it yourself visit the site and see and see the pix below.c4uR
What are the academy students doing? Studying politics and planning how to take on the government and make tonnes of money and then ship the money to Switzerland? Is their even one soul in among the governing “elite” who cares even a little more than his own wretched self. Even selfishness has been called the invisible hand and is been proven by Adam Smith to be the soul of free enterprise. What these “elites” have is a monumental and self destructive complex. Meanwhile the President was heard recently urging the Ministry of Defence to strengthen Military Research. What with the achievements of Nigerians in Diaspora in cyber technology, mathematics and etc can we not be able to maintain a single server? When the rest of the world are building electric cars we are still thinking of coal and gas turbines. And even at that we cannot manage the logistics of simple gas supply. Whoever wrote “Cry my beloved country” must have thought of Nigeria. 


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