July 2, 2010

The beginning of the end of the People’s President

In the days following the passing of Yar’adua, his vice Jonathan was lurking and showed tact. Now he is President, the succession debate is settled we are beginning to see the unveiling of the typical Nigerian President.
Just a couple of months ago it was never imagined that Goodluck Jonathan could become the President. He had his feet firmly planted on the ground and left the tussle mostly to the National Assembly and the people of Nigeria to the utmost admiration of the public. To many people he has proved his mettle as a good administrator and not a power crazed public servant in the mold of which the Nigerian public has grown accustomed over the years. He was not particularly aloof as some would accuse his predecessor but he seemed to say and actually did the right things until now. All that tact and careful consultation before exercise of due authority is beginning to fade. Nigerians should now look at the signs of the end of the Jonathan the people’s

What is it at Aso Rock villa that changes people? Is it the power? Is it the grandeur? Is it the retinue of servants? Is it the trappings of having everyone at beak or call away? The sacking of the NFF, its duly constituted board and the banning of Nigeria from FIFA events without consultation, even without FIFA, has all the signs of a President that has begun to assume he knows it all and has all power in the true line of what we have come to expect from the old order of Nigerian Presidents for the past 50 years. The action is exactly from the cookbooks of Abacha, Buhari or Babangida regimes. Without analyzing the merits or not of this President Jonathan’s dumbest decision let me ask, how do you get a sports (in this case football) team to deliver the expected results? Let me guess what the “Presidential Taskforce” will say – give then money, promise them lots of dollars and villas in every state of the country and some parcels of land in Asokoro, Abuja. I am not surprised that Fash-the-Cash is a member of that taskforce. The under achieving, rustic, below average team of European based players just needed some space from the Presidential Taskforce to play and they may have done better if not for the spectator-is-the-best-coach attitude of the Taskforce which are also angling to be included in the largesse should the super eagles triumph; which of course was a huge disappointment.
To be successful as a team you need consistency, consistency and consistency. You need a good coach for a good number of years (I say at least three years) with good resources to work with. That is how the Brazilians, the Argentines and the Europeans do it. This Super Eagles failed not because they did not have the talent but they failed because the administrators think they can play better football. Why not get Gov. Amaechi to play top 9; Mr Ndanusa to play number 5, and that serial country dumper John Fashanu (Fash the Cash) to play number 10. Quiet frankly this is what they intend to do that is why we have the 11-man team with a sprinkling of football greats –Samson Siasia and Jay Jay Okocha to give them legitimacy. Mr. Ndanusa after loosing election has taken the old route – political coup. Practise makes perfect. No where is this more so than in sports, now the Nigerian national teams would loose two years of practise. When they return they would probably be out of dept.
However, the most worrying thing is the fact that President Jonathan has begun to loose his touch. A President that swears to conduct a democratic election has just acted like a Military dictator and ousted an elected body. That is a tell tale sign of flagrancy and maladministration the kind we have seen characteristic of all our National lives. Nigeria is a police state. Elections and due processes of law and order are still a long way off inspite of the faint hopes given by President Jonathan’s initial cuteness. That is loosing colour or has lost some shine this moment. There begins to be the sign that the President is assuming “the messianic” temperament of past leaders. And this is worrying. This is coming just before a presidential election in which he has failed so far to declare his intent. With time running out and with the opposition (in the person of former Military Dictators) making wide political consultations and machinations it means that President Jonathan would either declare late and then use enormous resources to wrest power or directly rig the election. Otherwise he would loose the election, the masses or his party.
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