January 20, 2010

Nigeria Football Federation and Amodu

amodu Stories are rife that the NFF has effectively sacked or will sack Amodu – the super eagles coach, if he fails to reach the semi final of the Orange African Cup of Nations. What I see in this is a complete lack of leadership on the part of the NFF. Every Coach, just like any regular employee should have the complete confidence of his boss or bosses up until he is relieved of his duties or at least he must be made to believe that he has it otherwise his performance cannot be truly accessed.
The news making the rounds simply suggest either of two things. Amodu was not hired with the confidence and approval of majority of the NFF board or some of the board members (either the NFF or the PTF or both are unprofessional) The first rule when sitting in a board is to keep all decisions and discussions within the board. If board members are finding excuse to point fingers and run down the credibility of a duly appointed coach that is unprofessional. People like that should not be sitting on any leadership position at all. When the majority approves a decision the rest of the people should be honourable enough to follow established procedures to express opposition but not by going out to press.
If Amodu was hired by a credible processes, but has lost the confidence of the board going to press and saying he has been fired or not is unprofessional. As a Coach he needs to be told that he has the support of the board. If a decision is reached to sack him it should be done quickly and effectively to reduce the impart on the moral of players and officials. The kind of pressure that the Coach is under at this time is unnecessary. Granted that he has made mistakes but he could argue for an unfair or effective dismissal given the news making the rounds already. the environment is no longer conducive for the discharge of his mandate. Governor Rotimi Amaechi (of Rivers state) is showing a complete lack of leadership. It is not in his hands to appoint a Coach, the NFF does not take orders from him yet he has gone ahead to call for the sacking of Amodu and even invoking the name of the Vice President. What Gov. Amaechi has shown is a blatant abuse of his powers both as a governor and as the chairman of the Presidential Task Team. What country is it that someone like this can win a popular election?. Politicians especially in a democratic set up are known to be sleek and smooth talkers but this one has gone on to dictate and interfere in public. Is he trying to be popular by bringing down other people and destroying the system of which he is a part of? Now he has emboldened the enemy and thrown confusion in the super eagles camp before a major match? I say if the super eagles fail – Gov. Amaechi should be held responsible. Even the squirrels think they would have beaten Nigeria and Mozambique’s coach is boasting already.
Amodu has made mistakes, yes. But I believe some of those mistakes came because of his unwillingness to try new prospects like Rabiu, Solomon okoronkwo, etc and that because of the fear of the inevitable – sack. In his first match against Egypt and after the first goal the team tried to impress in an emphatic manner by going too quickly for another goal and they left the back practically open. Even the goal keeper was not on his line. With Benin he left Peter on the flank even though he was not able to get on cross through. Why? Everybody likes Peter and he can save his life by playing him even when he is ineffective. And why is he having so many defensive midfielders? the same reason afraid if he tried some local player he will be sacked for experimenting. If I were Amodu I will call the bluff and do what I want to do while I last, if I fail so be it.  If I win the cup (and I believe the super eagles can still pull it off) I will resign and take another country to world cup. If Amodu fails he resign and claim he was effectively sacked and sue those NFF and PTF leaders so they can learn a lesson in leadership. What the PTF has done is unacceptable. They have actually destroyed public confidence both in government and in the team. Amodu has earned the right to lead the country to nations cup. After that may be they should review his performance and see who will lead the country to the world cup. That is what the PTF should have made clear from the start. Talking about the world cup when we are playing nations cup is irresponsible. Nooij (coach of Mozambique) does not have a clue what Nigeria football is about not to talk of coaching the super eagles. Apart from Amodu the only other coach that can come close is Siasia. Amodu should get technical advise and do his job.


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