January 6, 2010

The Complete Idiot’s Guide for Fighting Terrorism

When I read of the blacklisting of Nigeria because of the terrorist act of a lone Nigerian abdulmutallab I just thought to myself – this is a complete idiots guide for fighting terrorism.

As a matter of fact the people of Nigeria are actually paying for another American intelligence failure, the like that resulted in the 9/11 attack and just like in that case someone has to do something to cover up that failure and this time they chose Nigeria.

I should like to say the US intelligence community should wake up and do their jobs. The war on terrorism will never get easier than that. It is a particular failure of human nature to try to simplify everything and to try to do as little work as possible. That is why we love stereotypes. Something like: “All moslems are terrorists”. “All Africans lack …”. “All Italians are ….”. “All Japanese are robots” etc. But we know that these assumptions are being blown away time and again. I tell you something, CIA, why don’t we put San Francisco in the list. Remember the American Taliban, John Walker Lindh. (See the American Taliban). Oh, and even the American Military base Fort Hood should be closed. It is actually a cadet school for Terrorists. Remember Major Nidal Malik Hassan. He was a product of that academy. Does not these and many others make the art of fighting terrorism pretty straight forward and simple. So you “non-intelligent” intelligence community can sit on swivel chairs and play SimCity on your PDAs and blackberry. Pronto. You have actually got it all covered with your blanket theories. President Obama should actually fire someone from among you for this failure or else he must take responsibility or let him tell us which bureaucracy is responsible and tell us this would not happen again. America did not dodge a bullet. The bullet missed you.

I like the Nigerian government reaction to the news. (See FG Warns Obama). I think the country can benefit from the unity of purpose among its governing elite and the masses should they pick a fight with a common “foe”. I just hope this fight would not be against America and its people. Nigeria as a whole is the most pro-American country anywhere in the world outside America itself. By my estimates about half of the population of Nigerians on this planet live in the Americas already. And I tell you 99% of those are the top of the crop.

The point I am making is this: Abdulmutallab could have been anybody and from any country. He could have been American or British or Cuban. He just happens to be Nigerian. The point is for the CIA and its allies to investigate all tip offs and all information quickly and act on them like the day before they were received. It would not kill anybody if one person is too hastily put on a no-fly list pending further investigation and if later cleared compensated for the wrongs than to be “over cautious” and have a nobody blow up the country.


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